2015 Bridge to Bridge ‘Classic Paddle’

Loading the boat at the start

Loading the boat at the start

Members of the Perth Canoe Polo Club joined the Cockburn crew on Sunday, October 11 to compete in the annual Classic Paddle event, paddling from under the Narrows Bridge on the Swan River to Stirling Bridge. The course is rumoured to be around 13kms and Cockburn was the second dragon boat to finish with a time of 1.06.11. The overall placing was 38th.


Long-serving members honoured at first regatta

The day started bright and early for the Cockburn Blades as the first regatta of the season also celebrated the clubs 30th Anniversary. The members proceeded to set up the tents and the BBQ. The substantial raffle prizes were well displayed and caught the eye of many a paddler willing to try their luck. Club members also contributed to setting for DBWA and helping other clubs unload their boats.