Congratulations – and what an effort!



Coaches report – regatta, November 2016

Congratulations to all the paddlers from the Cockburn Blades, what an effort.

For a club that has been, for the last 3 years, competitive in the Women’s 10s and making up the numbers in other events, to finish in the top 3 of every race bar 1 is a mighty achievement.


Mixed 20s 2000m 2nd

Women’s 10 200m 2nd, 2nd, 5th (less than 1 sec between 3rd & 5th )

Mixed 10 200m 2nd, 2nd, 1st (winning the last race by 1.83 sec)

Mixed 20s 200m 3rd 2nd 3rd

Well done and welcome to racing for the new members at their 1st regatta.

As the coach I was very happy with the way the team has progressed during the preseason training.  In the first 2 heats of racing 10s, Cockburn appeared to be finishing stronger than their opponents, which gives us a pretty good fitness base to build on for the 500m races next month.

Team fitness is progressing well but we certainly reaped the benefits of having 4 Aust squad members in our team. Carlie and Sharon paddled in every race, Viv and Kristin paddled or swept every race. The work that those 4 have done over the past 3 months has been huge.

Most pleasing things for me as the coach

Thanks to all who participated you made it the most enjoyable regatta I’ve ever been to.


Long-serving members honoured at first regatta

The day started bright and early for the Cockburn Blades as the first regatta of the season also celebrated the clubs 30th Anniversary. The members proceeded to set up the tents and the BBQ. The substantial raffle prizes were well displayed and caught the eye of many a paddler willing to try their luck. Club members also contributed to setting for DBWA and helping other clubs unload their boats.