Paddling for Australia

Kristin Priest, Sharon Corsbie, Carlie Byrne, Vivienne Wigg

Kristin Priest, Sharon Corsbie, Carlie Byrne, Vivienne Wigg

The Cockburn Dragon Boat Club is extremely proud of 4 members who were recently selected to represent Australia at the World Championships in China later this year.

Vivienne Wigg, Carlie Byrne, Sharon Corsbie and Kristin Priest had their sights set on making the national ‘Aurora’ team and their countless hours of extra training on the water and in the gym was rewarded when, after attending training camps in the eastern states, they were notified of their selection.

Being members of a small club in the forgotten ‘West’ did not deter these women and the club recongises the importance of supporting members who participate at the elite level. Not only does the club benefit from gaining current training techniques but it also grows experience, creates enthusiasm and raises the profile of our club.


Long-serving members honoured at first regatta

The day started bright and early for the Cockburn Blades as the first regatta of the season also celebrated the clubs 30th Anniversary. The members proceeded to set up the tents and the BBQ. The substantial raffle prizes were well displayed and caught the eye of many a paddler willing to try their luck. Club members also contributed to setting for DBWA and helping other clubs unload their boats.