Transplant recipients ‘have a go’

Report from Barb Chester            IMGP4640 2

What a special community exercise we witnessed on 1 May, a perfect Sunday morning. Cockburn Dragon Boat Club members staying back after training to share their love of dragon boating with those preparing to, or preparing to support those participating in the upcoming Transplant Games, most of whom had no previous knowledge of the sport but a willingness to give it a go.

Such generosity and genuine interest was on display. My take was that all participants, spectators, trainers and learners went home with a ‘life is pretty special’ feel.

I’ve had the great privilege of sharing the journey with some of the participating transplant recipients, to know first-hand the challenges they have and continue to meet. To see them on the water paddling with such gusto, learning new skills, meeting new people and enjoying the laughter and fun was very special. WA will be well prepared to participate in the dragon boating event which is being introduced for these games.

Thank you Cockburn Dragon Boat Club members, feel proud, your club was on full display.

Footnote: Australian Transplant Games will be held in Western Sydney, 24 September – 1 October 2016.


Long-serving members honoured at first regatta

The day started bright and early for the Cockburn Blades as the first regatta of the season also celebrated the clubs 30th Anniversary. The members proceeded to set up the tents and the BBQ. The substantial raffle prizes were well displayed and caught the eye of many a paddler willing to try their luck. Club members also contributed to setting for DBWA and helping other clubs unload their boats.