Membership and Fees

The Cockburn Dragon Boat Club happily encourages members of the public to come along and try paddling in one of our dragon boats. The Club generously offers prospective paddlers three free sessions before membership fees become payable. You must pay before your 4th paddle.

Club fees are set at the annual AGM.

2017-2018 membership fees

The fees payable to CDBC for the 2017 – 2018 season are $175.00. ($100 of this we forward to our State organisation Dragon Boating WA (DBWA) which covers your insurance.)

As we are based at the East Fremantle Yacht Club, you are also required to become a ‘Reciprocal’ member of EFYC. Click here for further information.

Payment of fees

Please pay by electronic bank transfer to:

New Memberships

New memberships will not be processed without:

Current Memberships

The annual subscription shall be paid in advance and shall be due and payable by 30 September each year. Every member whose subscription is not paid by 31 October shall cease to be a member of the Club.

Transferring from another DBWA club

Please read DBWA Member Transfer policy and complete the Member Transfer Application form.